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This is the best I’ve ever seen, in the15 years I’ve been on-line.

I’ve seen and even tried a few opportunities in the past. They were either scams or so incredibly complicated, none ever got off the starting grid.
When I received the initial sales letter for The Fiver Formula, my initial thoughts were “This looks too good to be true it must be a scam or something way too complicated for an old timer, like me, to succeed at.
To be honest, it hit my recycle bin, and, as far as I was concerned that was that.
For reasons, unknown to me, except, perhaps, destiny, I remembered the web address, and later on that day whilst on my tablet , with nothing better to do, I checked you out.
Again, for reasons unknown to me, I decided to grasp the nettle, and I ordered the Premium version as this seemed the best deal. In any case 50 quid and 60 days before paying anymore appeared a good bet. About a week has passed now and I’m carefully working through The Formula. 
The way it is presented, MP3, members website, in particular the videos, is excellent.
Both you and Nick come across as genuine and extremely knowledgeable with this.
Although, I haven’t worked my way through it all, yet, I have already put the framework down for my first gig and an extra.
I believe my gig is unique, and has to do with something I have been passionate about, for a number of years. OK, I’ve still to get it listed, but with all I’ve learned from you, so far, it’s well on the way.
The point is, without The Fiver Formula I would NOT have even thought I could make a digital product, out of things, I truly enjoy doing.
I thank you most sincerely for restoring my desire to try something that, with your help, should lead to a regular on-line income.