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Instant Email Campaign Review

I purchased the Instant Email Campaign product and I have been very impressed by how well written these emails are. They are now my go to templates when I’m stumped for email content. Whether I’m writing a single product promotion or a full email autoresponder email series, Instant Email Campaign has it covered.

I have been so impressed with the product that I have been recommending it to all of my email lists and social media followers.It’s an incredible value.

I’ve paid much more for various software apps that allegedly do the same thing, but are so complicated to setup, with creating avatars and all kinds of other things you have to setup just to get it to spit out a simple promotional email then still have to edit after, that it’s not worth the bother. Who has time for all that ?

That’s what I like about Instant Email Campaign. I just go to the table of contents, find the template I’m looking for then modify it for my purposes and I’m done. Nothing complicated at all.

The emails produced are well written and convert very well. I highly recommend this to ANY business, for any niche.