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Licensing Workshop Live: “I feel like someone’s just handed me a license to print money. Don’t tell anyone

I attended Nick James’ 1-day Licensing Workshop. Here is what I wanted to know:

1. How to take a licensed/private label right product and repackage it for on-sell.

I wanted to see the details. Where to start, what steps to take, and the strategy. Usually, when you attend one of these webinars or masterclasses, the gurus or teachers just shimmy over the top and waltz right past the detail, hurrying to get to a bloody sale pitch. This was absolutely different. Nick not only gave us the step by step framework, but he also showed us the target document end-result and the standard required. As he was doing the “surgery, he slowly did q&a sessions along the journey so that any queries we might have had going live…were immediately addressed. Did this using 2 technology boards. Very convenient from a learner’s point of view.

The Q&A process was so invaluable. There were questions asked by others that triggered thought impulses like “shux, that’s right, I never thought of that”.

For example, there was a guy called David. Pretty sharp questions which made one think. I later found out that he is an internet fella himself. Was surprised to see him there, learning from Nick, given he is pretty sharp at this game. Later found out that he bought a licensed info product for $15 and made $417k out of that PLR.

Feels good to be learning from a pro like Nick who even has other pros take time to attend his digital events for newbies to advanced practitioners. Respect. Nick obviously is known for his integrity.

I have taken what I’ve learnt and created my first repackaged, repurposed licensed product. I intend to create a stable of products that fit in a funnel all based on private label rights. My shot at a repackaged licensed product? Still rough..but I am happy I was inspired by the Workshop to just take inspired action and kick arse.

I am grateful to Nick and Kate for taking the time to show us how. Sometimes when you are starting out, you have doubts because there is no one in front of you, like a teacher or coach, showing you what to do, how to do, and in what order. Worst of all, you don’t sort of know what the end result is supposed to look like. No one shows you their end product.

Nick not only showed us, but he gave us the opportunity to invest in his repackaged example so we have a digital copy of said sample forever!

I am now confident in going forward and building more products to fill out my offers.

I feel like someone has just handed me a license to print money. I will eagerly watch out for any future Workshop from Nick and Kate. ‘Identifying Hot Markets’ and ‘Building Lists’ come to mind. Don’t tell anyone. Just keep all of this “locked-down” Ok?