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Licensing Workshop Live: The crinkled post it note

I have a post it on my monitor for work that says “my role is to get and keep causes set in motion, and not to do all the detail work”.   You see, I lead a team as part of my job, and know that if I get too involved in the detail, then I am not doing my job.  Part of my role is to hire and supervise people that already have the technical knowhow needed. This includes both employees and contractors. They just need to understand the goals, get up to speed on our process, and then get going.

My role is to help identify the issues, and get the right resources to help the team out, which keeps the project moving and on track. Having the right processes in place, and a plan for help when inevitable issues come up, is a formula for success as a manager in my role.  I don’t need to know the ins and outs of every detailed nuance, and my primary responsibility is for the results of my team.

I’ve found that in the online marketing and PLR world, I was committing the very mistake my post-it said I should not do.

I was lost in the mechanics of each step, forever trying to learn how to use tools that all had a learning curve to become proficient. There are a ton of tools to learn, and since I used them so infrequently, when I went back to that step on a different project it was almost like starting over.

I also kept buying one shiny object after another and started losing track of what I had acquired. The result was I was forever learning but not getting anything done. The good thing was that I had already been exposed to most of the tools during the course of my shiny object search

Nick explained his entire business process for Licensed products and showed the actual tools he used as we worked through the end to end business process of a successful business model.

Nick explained the significance of each step and focused on what was important. The emphasis was on the overall goals of each step rather than the detailed “how to” details.

He showed us how to find someone with the right skillset to help with the process at a reasonable cost, along with free or reasonably priced tools needed for each step.

The most important thing was how he used the combination of tools and resources in his own unique way that allow him to develop a proven, repeatable business process.

I learned from the Licensing Workshop the process that needs to be done to become successful with Licensed PLR.

My aha moment came afterwards as I was reflecting on what I had learned.

Becoming successful online, whether with licensed PLR or another online business, needs to be approached in much the same manner as my role as a manager in a large company.

What I had learned is what that crinkled up post it note on my monitor said:

“My role is to get and keep causes set in motion, not to do the detailed work. ”

This entire online thing could be approached like my job.
• Nick showed us the business process.
• He showed the tools he uses and some additional options.
• He showed us where to find people with certain needed technical skills
• He showed us that this could be done with many free and low cost tools for all the key steps
• He also provided a path forward, so that once we understood the process, we could leverage and scale it up.

Suddenly, this did not seem to be so complicated after all.

Nick provided his insights in a very down to earth, relatable manner, and laid out like a cookbook for a multi-course meal.

Now, it is up to me, to get that first project done and launched from end to end. Just like cooking, we will learn from the first time through, and get better each time.

The workshop laid out a well defined, proven business process that is very repeatable.

So I believe that my day spent in the Licensing Workshop was time very well spent.

Now I just need to follow the post it note by getting the cause set in motion, and not get mired in the detail work.