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Licensing Workshop Live: Learn The “Behind The Scenes” Secrets That Can Save You Hundreds And Make You Thousands

Ever wanted to be that “fly on the wall” that gets to hear the secrets of successful content licensing product launch?

That’s exactly what happened at the Licensing Live Workshop presented by Nick James.

During the presentation I was filling my notebook from the ideas presented, knowing that most people just talk, but Nick actually walks the talk. He does this AND he’s successful doing it but lets not mince words but get into some of the secret sauce. Starting with the material itself, you learn what makes good licensable material (PLR) and what doesn’t.

Bad PLR is normally going to lead to you having a ton of work to do, or even worse, a failed product.

Next, we dived into the real meat and potatoes of what to do with your content after you have it and even the concept of if one piece of PLR on the subject is enough? After choosing we moved to master techniques on content manipulation saving me and my business time and ultimately hundreds of dollars was pure gold.

From there, we transitioned into positioning the content for sale. How to construct a sales page that sells complete with do’s and don’ts. Platform agnostic, Nick offers suggestions on different ways to present your offer to the public.

Now the biggie comes into play, TRAFFIC.

This is the part that always gets both newbies and experts alike. My pen was following onto my paper to write down the wonderful ideas presented. No matter at what level you are at, you will definitely have some takeaways in this area. I did and it was action I could take immediately. These ideas alone are worth more than the price of the workshop because I can use them all across my business. I’m sure to make thousands from these.

Did we miss anything? Nick deep dove into a final Q&A where he answered questions from beginners and veterans alike. Oh wow, pen out again to grab some more great ideas.

The final finish – a standing ovation to Nick James and his wonderful wife Kate who worked behind the scenes. Also to his wonderful graphic artist Robert who was willing to show us behind the scenes, and some of his “secret sites”, for graphic creation and photo manipulation.