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Licensing Workshop Live: The Incredible Six Figure PLR Licensing Workshop

I was not sure what to expect from Nicks new Licensing Workshop as I have already purchased many of Nick’s products, both old and new.

But I took the plunge and signed up. I am very glad I did.

Nick is a very good speaker and put the (considerable) audience quickly at ease.

The main theme of the Licensing Workshop was how to take a PLR and rebrand it, repackage it, and prepare it ready to sell in a matter of a few days. (Less if you used outsourcers.

Nick went through how to rebrand the PLR package step by step and came up with two ideas for renaming the finished package.

He then asked the audience to vote on which package was best. The one I voted for came second, I usually select the wrong option but that is just me. Speaking to Nick through his help desk and he thought the same as me. Thank

The next stage was choosing a catchy domain name and choosing a host. When this was done we all took a break and when we came back, after about 1/2 hour, Nick’s tech guy had installed the domain, the SSL certificate, and the site was up and running.

Orders started coming in almost straight away. The first two weeks profits are being donated to charity then the website will be transferred to one of the attendees who contributed the most comments and likes to the Zoom call.

Also discussed was how to edit the graphics on a free online Photoshop alternative and how to use a free online HTML editor to build the site. Several other useful sites were mentioned including one for editing audio files in a very unique way. This latter website, if it does what I think it I will earn me more than the cost of the Workshop. Hint, no one can copyright a voice, according to legal.com

This is an excellent Workshop and if you attend, if it is done live again it will be well worth the money you pay. I expect that it will more than likely be available as a recording and I would recommend you purchase it, whether live or recorded.

This was $97 well spent for about 6 hours of premium information. What else can you buy for $16 an hour that has the potential to earn you 6 figures a year for a few hours a week?