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Nick James – Leading the field

What can one say about Nick James; as a Internet Marketer he is in the very top drawer. As he has always been happy to acknowledge his great good fortune was as a young man to have a chance meeting with Andrew Reynolds (the UK’s top Internet Marketer), they immediately struck up a rapport and Andrew mentored him in his early career. Like Andrew, Nick is a really nice guy who is more than happy to lend a helping hand to others.

There seems to be no limit to his knowledge on all aspects of Internet Marketing. He is still hungry and ambitious so much so that not content with the huge and positive impact he has had on the industry in the UK he has opened an office in the United States and is really intent on making his mark over there. I think you can say it’s going well because he so impressed 120 of his Internet Marketing peers with a pioneering initiative in List Building techniques that they voted him the 2016 Profit Coalition Internet Marketer of The Year.

When you consider that all these people are ultra successful in the same business field this was quite an accolade.

As a man Nick still has his feet firmly on the ground and with his wife Kate working alongside him still has daily input into all his business interests wherever he finds himself in the world.

In more recent times Nick has involved himself more and more in coaching and mentoring others to follow in his footsteps. Sometimes he does this alone and sometimes jointly with Andrew Reynolds, Nick doesn’t need to do this but he believes in putting something back, this industry has been very good to him and he wants to give others the same opportunity that he had.

If I’m being ultra critical I would say that Nick can sometimes appear to forget that students don’t always have the required skills set to complete every task and if they also lack the wherewithal to pay a freelancer to complete the work this can result in a loss of momentum.

That aside Nick gives of his time and expertise generously and is genuine in his wish for his students to do well. Sometimes he will surprise you when quite out of the blue he will send you FREE of charge a new Article or pdf Course that he has just written.

He might ask you to proofread and suggest any changes that might improve the document which I enjoy doing and is complimentary in that it shows he has confidence in your ability to do so.

Nick is rightly proud of his Internet Marketing Training Club Website which he sometimes refers to as his Rolls Royce Site. It has been running now for almost as many years as Nick has been in the business. It is a great repository of information covering every aspect of the Internet Marketing Industry. What with this and his dynamic paper based Internet Marketing Newsletter it can be said that Nick James arguably provides the new and the more experienced Internet Marketer with more useful, up-to-date information than anyone else in the Industry.