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Resources – Nick James IMTC Membership

Having attended my first boot camp last September I went on to attend a 3 day course to learn more, however this was not with Nick James. I had already had some success with an ebook that had sold over 1200 copies for £57.95 over a four year period (although this has now hit a blip). I was offered the opportunity to take up an offer with Nick James in December for a small amount of money.  This offer gave numerous past but relevant PDF files about promoting, marketing, websites, ebooks, software and much more.

Having presented myself to an audience I have always been impressed with how Nick describes and explains things in both text and video/audio; he has a calm and professional delivery without the hype.

My intention was to improve my own business brand (having started just over a year ago in a specific area of Law) but this experience has given me new ideas and insights into other areas of marketing with other products.

In truth its a slow burn but I feel that all of what Nick has offered is as good as anything you can get out there. We all get bombarded with data promising so much and it is difficult to see the wood for the trees.  However the value for money offered by being a member the Internet Marketing Training Club is excellent; you receive so much ongoing resource for your money and you can always look back at the resource at any time. For me, although I am not at all great with technology, I can see how to build a business and use outsourcing. I perhaps need to be mentored as I do tend to take on too many things at once, however Nick James’ membership club is a great resource to be part of and great value for money.

Nigel Johnson