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Truly An Unfair Advantage!

I would just like to say how impressed I was with the Unfair Advantage Cheat Sheets.

So far I have only used module 3 to write the sales copy for my website. There are still two modules packed with information on writing skills that I have not even got to yet.

It makes writing copy SO EASY I wrote a 6 page sales letter, an email that affiliates can use to promote my product and copy for two opt-in pages in just 15 hours. Just 3 hours a day over 5 days from a blank screen.

There is a 10 day copywriting challenge at the end of module 3 that lays out the step by step process of putting your copy together in an ordered logical way – I enjoyed the process so much I did it in half the time.

Lets face it our business is all about the art of persuasion – if we can’t persuade customers to buy our products then there is no point in continuing.

What the Unfair Advantage Cheat Sheets does is to give you the tools you need to grab the reader of your sales letter and lead them by the hand step by step through the copy until they are invited to click the buy now button to solve their problem.

I highly recommend this product, OK it’s not cheap but compare it to hiring a copywriter and it begins to look like a bargain. Do yourself a favour and invest in your future – your bank balance will thank you for it.