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‘The Email Marketing Game Plan’ which I purchased recently.

We all get many offers daily promising to elevate us to riches and stardom overnight…

but the savy people know that all these offers are still sold via good old fashioned email. In other-words by talking to people not pressing a few buttons on a computer.

I purchased Email Marketing Game Plan as it gave me a clear road map to speak to others in a clear, logical and respectful way. Guys forget worrying about adding 20,000 people to your database.  What would you do with 20,000 new customers tomorrow anyway! THE ANSWER IS TALK TO THEM of course but what would you say ?

Nick’s Email Marketing Game Plan gives you ideas for headline to grab readers attention, ideas for email campaigns where customers get to know you and then be ready to receive your offers. No matter what business you are in, to make a sale you have to get your emails opened and this product gives you a whole host of ideas to do that. I am specifically using this to create messages to promote a new membership site.

Email Marketing Game Plan is a good investment and will serve you well for years to come .

Nick, wish you and Kate continued success please use above as you wish

kind regards
Dave Owen