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Unfair Advantage Cheat Sheets – will be of enormous assistance

The Unfair Advantage Cheat Sheets package is a vast 800 pages but then with such depth of content that is not surprising. The width of examples to satisfy many situations will be of enormous assistance and because I have only this moment bought the package I have not had the opportunity to put it into practice. I just know it will prove to be extremely helpful.

I had difficulty in downloading this big file but with the help of Kate an alternative route was suggested and bingo all is now well.

I have no doubt that the value of the package will prove itself many times – which of course makes the price reasonable.

Nick, as the author, has done a very good job, which is not that surprising bearing in mind his expertise in these matters and a joy to have alongside me in my journey from newbie upwards.

Both Nick and Kate are approachable and supportive to reasonable requests.

John Beer