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Ignatius Bukumunhe shares his thoughts of Live Big

This is one personal development book one must read. I have read quite a few books. The way this one is laid out and printed, makes it easy and enjoyable book to read.

The 10 Critical Elements to success impressed me so much that I have renamed them The 10 Commandments – just for me only. I hope you are not offended – they are just for me. I read them everyday to keep me on top.

After one has decided what to do, has learnt how to do it, one now has TO DO IT. Doing it may come in a form of sacrifice. The book emphasises sacrifice as a muster to succeed in life. I entirely agree with it.

I strongly recommend “Live BIG, Think LARGE. Act SENSIBLY.” as one of the latest and best personal development book that should be read by every one. It could make you a fortune.

Ignatius Bukumunhe