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Martin Avis says this about “Live Big…”

… “I’ve known Nick James for a few years now and have always counted on him as one of that rare breed of people who really walk the walk. Nick doesn’t just talk a good game, he plays one too. And is very successful as a result.

So when I learned that Nick had written a book on what it takes to succed I was very keen to read it.

Throughout the book there is a contiunuing joke, based on a line in a Harold Pinter play, about people having an attitude of  “if only i could get to Sidcup” things will be great. Sidcup is a metaphor for any kind of success that you know is “out there” but that you haven’t actually got to yet.

Well, as a person who just happens to live in Sidcup I’m not sure whether to be pleased or annoyed that my home town is such as mythical beast!

Nick’s book is called “Live big. Think large. Act sensibly.” A bit of a mouthful of a title for a powerful book that lays bare the mindset and beliefs of a guy who has proven over and again that he has what it takes to succeed. And by modelling yourself on him, you will develp that mindset too.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading “Live Big. Think Large. Act Sensibly.” and seeing into Nick James’ mind. I’m sure that if only a small amount of his wisdom rubs off on me it will be very worthwhile…