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Veronica Johnson has this to say about Secrets of Licensing pack

Hi Nick,

… I’m really impressed with the Secrets of Licensing pack you’ve put together and all the add ons’ i’ve been able to download as part of my purchase. It’s all really exciting for me and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you. The Secrets of Licensing is one of two possible business opportunities I’m taking on.

Over the past five years i’ve purchased a number of business opportunity packages, received and read a lot of reports on new opportunities overall spent a lot of money but to be honest apart from one or two after the initial spurt of enthusiasm the majority have not been for me.

I’ve read the manual, three times so far, and as you said each reading shows another aspect of the opportunity Licensing holds.

I think i can do this. I’m going to make a serious effort.

Look forward to future insights.


Veronica Johnson.