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It was AWESOME – Tim Kench

It has taken me until Wednesday following your excellent Money Making Mastery weekend to gather my thoughts and think of as many superlatives as I can to describe what happened in Reading over last weekend.

I know from very happy experience that you always Over-Deliver on whatever you do for your students and colleagues and, BOY did you OVER-DELIVER last weekend. One of the speakers said that we, in the UK, should use the word “awesome” more often…so here goes:

1)The venue and seating and presentation by the crew was awesome,

2) the Speakers and what secrets they spilled to those fortunate to be there was beyond awesome,

3)the products and the offers were awesome,

4)the atmosphere and excited buzz of the weekend was awesome and inspiring and ,last but not least,

5)YOU were awesome with just one teeny exception…your karaoke renditions;not bad at all but not awesome!!!A bit of advice on that last point..stick to the day job,you’ll make a lot more money!!

Sorry, I nearly forgot…how could I?? An enormous THANK YOU to Emma, your lovely Fiancee Kate , and all the other “Nick’s little helpers” for making everything go smoothly and seemingly without effort: I KNOW just how much effort they put in and they deserve rich rewards for helping you stage such a brilliant weekend.

The idea of the 21 day follow-up by the Implementation Journal with the £1000 incentive is a stroke of genius. I know from attending a few “Bootcamps” in my time that the euphoria and determination soon wears-off within a few days of the event and no matter what has been spent on products the concerns of everyday life and the dreaded J O B with all the attendant problems and worries and stress soon serve to push the event right to the back of your mind if not completley forgotten and the boxes of pristine cellophane wrapped products stay firmly on the shelf.
NOT SO with your weekend as we have the daily Implementation Journal to keep up plus the brilliant idea of the Accountability Buddy so we do not back-slide.

Wow, do you know that I have not seen ONE second of TV since arriving on saturday morning. Not a great achievement but a step in the right direction and it certainly does give more time to concentrate on the things that matter. TV is “chewing gum for the eyes” and we can all do without it!

The weekend was also a magnificent opportunity to network and meet like-minded entrepreneurs. I was privileged to meet some of the speakers ,unfortunately, the magnificent and generous, Matt Bacak disappeared before I could get to him but I did meet the (that word again) awesome Andy Harrington and signed up for his coaching…perhaps I could present something next year???????? and the delightful Diane Conklin, with whom I am determined to JV on things to get a foothold in the Good Old U S of A; all possible because you had the foresight and energy to stage the weekend.
I have to mention Neil Stafford. I have been following Neil for a few years and I enjoy his videos but I had no idea that when he put on a suit he turned out to be a very passable stand-up comedian!!! Well done Neil and ,yes, you were awesome too.
Had I not still the full time day job (going sooner rather than later now after that weekend!) I would have signed up for Neil as well…perhaps in a year or so. The guys who presented the more tecnical stuff e.g Chad Kerby of Infusionsoft and Tom Breeze & Andy Frain Video makers were brilliant (English for awesome). How Chad finds time to work on anything with NINE children to his name is beyond me!!! Those are definites for me once the web-sites are up and running.

I have just realise that you asked for a “few short sentences” Sorry, I just had to put down what I thought (AND I came away with TWO Accountability Buddies!!!). Someone (Andy Frain I think) said the days of long copy are over and video is the future. OK I’ll put all this on video if you want!!!

Must go now as it is nearly 6.00pm and lots to do and phone calls to make and places (on the web) to visit and Journal’s to fill-in.


Best regards,