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Derek Grogan: Good weekend. Good value. Good experience. Good every way.


Than you so much for putting on that brilliant event. The ticket price was excelent when you consider the value of the training/advice delivered. Coming down from the frozen north(Scotland) meant a big outlay taking hotel/travel costs in to the equation. However if we had to have gone to Florida and other parts of the states to hear the speakers I cant imagine what that would have cost and it would still have been worth it to get time with these guys.

Sorry if this is a bit rambled. We are only just home after driving 7 hours but I wanted to get this sent A.S.A.P.

Nick, – as ever you deliver. Hey that sounds like a good start to a sales letter.

What I mean is the whole experience was fantastic. I hope you make this an event to look forward to every year. Tell Emma to put us down for 2 tickets. If it is the weekend before Wimbledon starts her indoors will be even more keen to attend. (We went into Wimbledon for a few hours after meeting with you)

What else can I say. Good weekend. Good value. Good experience. Good every way.

Many thanks again.

God bless

Ruth & Derek Grogan from Stirlingshire.