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Henk Laura:”The organization was excellent.”

The speakers really had something to tell about their expertise and not just a sales pitch. We had a lot of information that can help us further down the road to success. The organization was excellent. Thanks Nick, it was a great weekend and when you plan your next Money Making Mastery we will be there. Henk & Laura www.holistic-approach.org

Fraser Hamilton:”I will definitely return again next year!”

Lots of great tips and advice from all of the speakers. All of the speakers had products to sell – but presumably this is why the cost of the ticket to the event was so low – and they weren’t selling on anything like the scale that they do in The States. I will definitely return again next year! Fraser Hamilton

Bill Neild: “Magnificent weekend – total information overload!”

Magnificent weekend – total information overload! A lot of the content, however, appeared to be aimed at people who already had a business and, therefore, it is not practical at this stage of our journey to take advantage of what was offered (e.g. InfusionSoft at $200 odd  per month). Matt Bacak could take a leaf out of Andy Harrington’s book (buy why should he? He’s already made mega doing what he’s doing!) …Read More

Martin Walker: “Full of essential guidance on all aspects of information marketing.”

An entertaining and inspiring event which was packed full of essential guidance on all aspects of information marketing.  The speakers were on the highest calibre and all with proven track records and they over delivered bar none.  Plus you get to meet and talk to people at the top of the business along fellow aspiring online entrepreneurs.  Subsequently, in 2 days I have a website up and running and have …Read More

Karen Robinson: “All I can say is WOW and bring on the 2013 event”

Hi Nick Massive thank you for organising the weekend. As one of your ‘newbies’ I came not sure what to expect – my business idea is still in the embryonic stage. I wasn’t disappointed, I’ve come away with my mind buzzing and now have some ideas to explore. Diane Conklin was my ‘light bulb’ moment. Without doubt she made me feel I could actually do something positive with my life …Read More

Pauline Bishop: “Can’t wait for the product we purchased to arrive and for us to get started!”

Benefits: Great value for money. Lots of excellent information from a variety of speakers. Really useful to find out which services Nick uses and the benefits they can bring to our business. Some, we are very interested in using and will be in contact in the future when we are ready. Great to have these valuable resources on our contact list. The last speaker was a financial market trader with …Read More

Andrew Dewey: Thanks for a great weekend Nick

I’d like to thank Nick and all his team for bringing together a very strong, informative and awe inspiring weekend of presentations from  I thought were very influential people. They’ve put across more information than they needed to. By the end of the weekend I felt exhausted but happy. Sunday night was one of the best sleeps I have had for ages. I was able to drop off to sleep …Read More

Anita Unsworth: Whole Host of Experts!

I recently attended the Money Making Mastery weekend run by Nick James in Reading.  I have been a member of Nick’s Membership site for a while now and really look forward to these events.  They are a great opportunity for meeting like minded people who are looking to improve their lives and circumstances. Also, with the Money Making Mastery weekend we were treated to a whole host of experts in …Read More

Martin Phare: I enjoyed the weekend!

I did enjoy the weekend. I much prefer the smaller seminars because you feel more involved with the proceedings. I don’t  go to larger seminars anymore because I just get the feeling that your herded into them, just for the hard sell. I would like to have seen more speakers on the subject of copywriting rather than all the mind set motivation stuff.  But again, there was something for everybody.  …Read More